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Hello and welcome back! I have been a planner for many years and have loved so many of the flowers that I have seen brides select, that for this blog post, I decided to talk all things flowers!

We are in the middle of wedding season and many brides are deciding on design and figuring out their flower selections. Florals add so much to the overall look of a wedding that it is something you definitely want to research and incorporate.

Selecting the right florals for your wedding is important, but it is so much more important to select the right florist, one that is licensed and insured and that really understands your vision and can offer suggestions.

I am by no means a floral expert, so I reached out to a florist friend of mine who is an expert when it comes to florals and design.  Lisa Montecinos from Tre Fiori Floral Studio happily agreed to be “interviewed” with questions I feel will be most helpful to you.  Enjoy…


Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio


EBM: What flowers are in during the various seasons? Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

Lisa: Flowers like roses and hydrangea are available year-round.  Specialty flowers like ranunculus, sweet pea and lilac are available in Spring.  Dahlias and Peonies make their way during the early months of summer and then usually stay around until late Fall, maybe having a small lapse of availability in August. You can sometimes get them for a few weeks in Spring as well.  Seeded Eucalyptus is difficult to get March through June usually as it’s not grown to full capacity yet and often looks like little brown “cups/bells” when cut early, instead of the cute little green seeds that are usually attached to the oval leaves.  It’s always best to check with your florist though on everything, because flowers come from all over (Holland, Chile, Mexico, etc ) and things like weather and storms can really effect growth and shipments.


Photo by Pura Soal Photography

Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio

EBM: What flowers are local to California?

Lisa: I’m not sure about what flowers are local to California as my wholesalers get flowers from all over the world.  I do know that the flower fields in Carlsbad provide several ranunculus to the local wholesalers though. 🙂


Photo by Gabe and Brit Photography

Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio


Photo by Pura Soul Photography

Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio

EBM: What is your advice or suggestions to brides when deciding on florals for their wedding, especially if they are on a budget?

Lisa: When choosing florals for your wedding, I really advise the couple to consider their style and overall look of the wedding.  Sometimes a bride will want baby’s breath and sunflowers but their wedding style is Garden Romantic.  Beautiful garden roses, astilbe, lisianthus and ranunculus are better suited for such a style.  Leave the baby’s breath and sunflowers for a country/rustic wedding.  Or better yet, move away from country/rustic all together.  It’s old news in my opinion! 🙂  Also, to note is that any good floral designer should be able to suggest florals that would work within a client’s style and floral budget, if that budget is within reason.  An average floral budget can be anywhere from $1500-$3500.  The bulk of a floral bill lies in the number of bridesmaids and the guest count (centerpieces.)

EBM: How soon should a bride go in for her floral consultation?

Lisa:   A couple should really look to book their floral designer as one of the first vendors chosen after the venue and photographer are booked.  Floral designing takes a lot of prep-work so florists book up fast as their week gets filled quickly with all that prep.  I often book weddings 10-18 mos. in advance.

EBM:  What should a bride look for when searching for a florist?

Lisa:    When choosing a floral designer, a couple should focus on someone who meets their needs, someone who designs similar to their style and someone whom they feel comfortable with.  I chat often with my clients throughout the process, and love to build a rapport and friendship with them.  Florals are a big part of a wedding day and they should be entrusted to someone the couple really likes and feels is capable of bringing their vision to life.

EBM:  What can a bride expect during the floral consultation?

Lisa:    During a consult, the couple should expect to spend at least 1-2 hours going over their floral needs in detail.  They should expect to be shown several different examples of flower varieties, whether in person or on a computer screen.  They should have in mind what they envision for their ceremony and centerpieces, and then they should expect to do a little brainstorming with the floral designer as well, to tweak things to their style and budget.

EBM:   Any other advice or suggestions you would give a bride?

Lisa:     Have fun!  Flowers are beautiful and can really enhance a wedding. They are in almost every photograph so it’s important to choose beautiful ones!


Photo by Jessica Harden Photography

Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio


Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio


I hope you found this helpful and if you have not selected your florist yet, I HIGHLY recommend Lisa Montecinos from Tre Fiori Floral Studio!

You can follow Lisa on Instagram:  @tre_fiori_floral_studio

Or contact her though her website at: http://trefiorifloralstudio.com

Thank you Lisa for helping me out…


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